GRRRocker - Overdrive (Collaboration with Girls Rock! Grand Rapids)

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Mojo Hand FX has partnered with the non-profit program Girls Rock! Grand Rapids (GR!GR) of Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities to develop the GRRRocker, a limited edition overdrive pedal, with a special sound and story.

As the name notes, this pedal is a nod to the Riot Grrrl movement to support sound exploration and experimentation for girls and gender-expansive youth. All profits from this pedal go directly towards resourcing Girls Rock camps in Grand Rapids and partner camps worldwide. The artwork, color scheme, and overall idea for the pedal were created by GR!GR campers and volunteers during camp week 2019. Volunteers later took the idea to Mojo Hand FX and worked together to develop this one-of-a-kind pedal.

Modeled after the Bluesbreaker circuit, it features a classic, clean overdrive with a hint of
crunch. With the straightforward and simple interface, you’ll be surprised by what you get within this small package. Along with the volume, tone, gain, and clipping controls, you can further customize your sound with the distortion trimmer pot found behind the back panel. It’s the perfect pedal for a new guitar player crafting their sound or for the seasoned expert looking for a smooth and straightforward overdrive.

True to its purpose, for every four pedals sold, one will be donated to another Girls Rock camp somewhere in the world. Girls Rock! Grand Rapids is a week-long camp where girls and gender-expansive youth ages eight through high school join bands, learn to write songs together to perform live and in the studio, and use music to express themselves and learn about identity. Volunteers teach youth the basics of an instrument and help them explore sound with various tools, like guitar pedals.

The GRRRocker pedal features include:
● Controls for Volume, Tone, and Gain
● Pushbutton selection for clipping options: Up-Crunch (Hard clipping) Down-Overdrive
(soft clipping)
● True bypass
● Precision control for distortion (internal trim pot when the back panel is opened)
● 9v Standard center negative power supply only (not included), no battery provision
● Durable sparkling white matte powder coat finish with hand-drawn artwork
● Current draw ~15 mA
● Made in the USA, lifetime warranty
● Dimensions: 4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.21" H