We are proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Mojo Hand FX and Cusack Music products.  Warranty repair service must be performed by Cusack Music, LLC.  We will not be responsible for any costs incurred by having your gear serviced by a local repair shop, your buddy with a soldering iron, etc.    It is important for you to keep any receipts involved with purchasing or repairing your product.

​​The warranty will be honored on all equipment, new or used, with the following exceptions:
1. Modification from its original state outside of our shop. We will not fix your botched mod attempts.
2. Using a different voltage power source than what is previously recommended
​3. Gross abuse. If your product has been run over by a car, fallen in to a pitcher of beer, and so forth, we will not fix it. If you accidentally stepped on a toggle switch during a performance and broke it, that's fine. Please be reasonable.

Before contacting us, we ask that you first try a few simple things to help us with the diagnosis:
1. Check your cables (especially the solder-less kind!)
2. Check your power supply. Be sure to try the product by itself, not in a chain. Also check to see if the voltage or milliamp requirement of the pedal is met and if the barrel of the power supply fits well -designs may vary by manufacturer and can sometimes cause intermittent power problems.
3. If possible, pair the product with a different guitar and amp to see if the problem is consistent.

Email: support@mojohandfx.com


1. A description of the problem that you are experiencing
2. A return shipping address
3. If available, a receipt of new product purchase (it may bring your repair fee down)

Failure to include this information may cause delay for your repair. If you send us a pedal that works perfectly fine, you will be billed for round trip shipping. Repairs are handled, to the best of our ability, the day they are received.



USA Customer Pays

International Customer Pays

Within 90 days of original new purchase
(receipt required)

-Nothing (shipping included)


Between 90 days and 2 years of original new purchase
(receipt required)

-$20 flat fee per product (shipping included)

-Shipping to Cusack Music
-$45 flat fee per product

Purchased new over 2 years ago, used, or made prior to 2016* 

-$40 flat fee per product (shipping included)

-Shipping to Cusack Music
-$65 flat fee per product


Payment Methods:  We will send a PayPal invoice (if costs apply) that can be paid by PayPal account or credit card. Following payment, we will get your pedal shipped back to you! See table below for estimate of repair costs. If you must pay by a different method, please let us know prior to sending your pedal.

Your repaired product (or replacement, if repair is not achievable) will be shipped back via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.  Return shipping time is generally 3-5 business days. Should you need an expedited repair, please let us know and we can discuss the additional shipping expenses. 

 *MojoHandFX was acquired by Cusack Music in late 2015. The easiest way to distinguish this is the direction of the hand logo. Left hand logo is before 2016, the right hand logo signifies Cusack built 2016 and later. 

Updated 11/1/2022