Summer Namm 2019-  Mojo Hand released two new DSP based pedal releases- the Park Theatre Reverb/Delay and the RVT  Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo. You can presently find the Park Theatre on our Reverb Store and the RVT will be available very soon. Here are links to a couple of demos:      
The Sacred Cow was just featured in Premier Guitar's most recent Rig Rundown of Guns N' Roses! Richard Fortus has been rocking one for quite some time now, and we're ecstatic that word is getting around. Check out the article here: The response was overwhelming, and we got cleaned out after the article's release. Fear not, the beef is back! Get yours now!

New demo day! This one comes to us courtesy of Stu Weinberg, and features the Wonder Filter. Give the groovy licks a listen:

Our pal Jack Fossett has been busy with a backlog of demo videos, but he found time to finish a Vox AC30 demo recently, and once again the holiest of bovines has made an appearance! Check it out on Jack's YouTube channel:

Jack and his pet Cow are at it again! We just received his newest demo video, which was created just for our YouTube channel. Thanks, Jack!

New demo time! This time, Mr. Fossett has gifted us with a fantastic video of the Sacred Cow overdrive. Thanks, Jack!

Jack Fossett strikes again! This time the hard-working fellow has released a guitar demo of the Airline 59 Coronado. However, a certain divine, bovine pedal has made its way into the mix again! Keep an ear open for those sweet, Sacred tones.

Jack Fossett has just finished up his new demo of Epiphone's ES 339 guitar, and it features a special guest: the Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow! Come give this sweet guitar a look, and while you're at it give a listen to the transparent overdrive awesomeness that is the Cow!


Our friends in Kinsmen just finished up a demo for the newly released Mojo Hand FX 1979 fuzz! Thanks guys!