Clarity - Transparent Compressor

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The Clarity is for players seeking a clean, studio quality compression in a small pedalboard form. Much care was taken to make the Clarity as effective as possible without altering tone or introducing noise. You may find you may never want to turn it off when you hear how much clearer and more defined your sound will is, which is why, after all, we named it Clarity.

 selects the ratio of compressed signal added to dry signal.
-Comp: selects the amount of compression desired.
-Level: selects the overall volume level.
-Slope/Envelope: selects between two compressor types.

Let's take a look at the two selectable compressor programs in the Clarity:
-SLOPEWith the button in the uposition, the Clarity leaves the signal unaffected up to the level of compression selected. When this selected level, or "knee" is reached, compression is activated. Increasing the compression amount with the Comp knob also decreases the level at which the knee occurs. As compression is increased the slope thus becomes "flatter". This type of linear compression is the cleaner and more consistent of the two types.
-ENVELOPE: With the button in the down position, the Clarity becomes a more dynamic compressor, and much more responsive to the attack , i.e. how hard you hit your strings or keys, etc. Since there is no set knee level, it is more reactive to the input and therefore it is a little bit "heavier" sounding compression. This type of compression can even cause a slight bit of "pumping" from the compress/release cycle slightly distorting the incoming signal wave. This is not necessarily an undesirable feature though, as the work the compressor is doing causes a perceived "warmth" due to the manipulation of the soundwaves. If the “pumping” sound is too noticeable for your tastes, you can simply back off on the Mix control to lessen the effect.

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Subtle noise gate to further reduce noise. 
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~70mA