Wonder Filter - Classic Envelope Filter

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Mojo Hand FX is proud to present the Wonder Filter, a classically-inspired envelope filter, engineered to offer amazing and versatile modulation. We have included the Peak and Gain controls as well as Range and Drive switches. Original features include the Mode selector switch, and in addition to the Band Pass, High Pass and Low Pass settings, we have added a Notch Filter as well as a No Filter setting offering preamp stand-alone boost capability. With a full range Attack knob, the Wonder Filter offers users the ability to fine tune a much wider range of sounds and sensitivity by tweaking response in conjunction with the Gain knob. The pedal also adds a Boost knob and Mix control that is not found on most envelope filters.

The Wonder Filter is a fully analog, true bypass, hand-built pedal made with modern connectivity via 9V power supply (there is no internal battery connection) for ease of integration into your pedal chain. This pedal creates an amazing array of sounds for guitar, bass, keys and more. From choppy to smooth, and everything in-between, the Wonder Filter offers all of the responsiveness and versatility you need to funkify your life.

-2-way "range" toggle (left: low, right: high)
-2-way "drive" toggle (left: down, right: up)
-True bypass

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~60mA

-4.7" L x 3.69" W x 1.37" H