Mojo Hand FX Battery Kit

Regular price $10.00

In an effort to help minimize damage to our planet, we have decided to discontinue the inclusion of 9V batteries, battery clips, and battery pads in our pedals. Our investigation into the subject has shown that the vast majority of musicians use power supplies these days, and we believe our pedals operate the best on a consistent 9V supply. Including a battery only provides extra landfill fodder, and an increased likelihood of a damaged pedal due to leakage. We will gladly send you all the necessary hardware and instructions to install a battery in your pedal, along with some other goodies, but we ask that you pay for a battery kit. Consider it an environmental impact fee. The thickness of the pad varies depending on which pedal you order. If you are ordering more pedals than battery kits, please specify which pedals you would like the battery kits for in the "Add a note to your order" section at checkout. This will help us get you the appropriate pads for your pedals.

Please note that the 1979, C-1 buffer, Odessa, Rook Royale, and Wonder Filter cannot be powered by a battery. Also, we do not recommend running the Dewdrop or Mirror Ball on battery power. They have the capability, but the current draw is high enough that it will drain the battery in a matter of hours.