Little Wonder - Envelope Filter

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We took the funk from our original Wonder Filter and squished it into a smaller, pedal board friendly enclosure with a simplified set of controls!  The Little Wonder has classic envelope filter sounds for any rig that needs a little quack. Very responsive to your playing dynamics, we fine tuned the envelope to be quick and easy to dial in, but versatile enough to satisfy guitars, basses, and keyboards alike. 

BP/LP Switch - Band Pass or Low Pass, sets the type of filter.  Low Pass slopes off the high end.  Band Pass is a filter that slopes off the highs and lows, think of the filtering effect of a wah pedal.
Blend - From fully dry to fully wet.  While most guitarists will find this knob at home cranked all the way to the right, bass players who gotta have tha' funk can rejoice!  Being able to blend in the dry signal helps dial in the critical mix of the foundational bass note with just the right amount of character from the filter.  Guitarists can definitely have some fun with this, too.
Peak - Adjusts the resonance, or the boost at the cutoff frequency of the filter.  This will help dial in the sharpness of the filter.  Further left will be a smoother roll off, high setting will sound sharper, quackier, and a bit willy sounding. 
Gain - Adjusts the input sensitivity of the envelope.  This will need to be fine tuned depending on the instrument, your playing dynamics, and your preference of how reactive of an envelope you want.  This is not "gain" like on distortion pedals, it does not add distortion. 
Internal Trimpot - Use to fine tune the output level with your settings and rig. To adjust, remove the backplate and use a small flathead screwdriver. *Found on rev2 only*

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~70mA