Clarity - Transparent Compressor

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The Clarity was created for players seeking a clean, studio quality compression in a small pedalboard form. Much care was taken to make the Clarity as effective as possible without affecting tone or introducing noise. A silent noise gate was incorporated to help further this goal.

- Adjusts the blend of compressed signal added to dry signal. Fully left is 100% dry, right is 100% compressed.
Comp - Adjusts the amount of compression desired.
Level - Adjusts the output volume level.
Slope/Envelope Button - Selects between two compressor types.
-SlopeWith the button in the Up position, the Clarity has a linear, traditional style of compression. The attack is fast, quickly grabbing signal peaks for a smooth response and feel. 
-Envelope: With the button in the Down position, the Clarity becomes dynamic and punchier, with a greater response to attack (i.e. how hard you hit your strings or keys, etc). It is more reactive to the input and therefore a heavier sounding compression, causing a slight bit of "pumping" from the compress/release cycle slighting distorting the incoming signal. This is not necessarily an undesirable feature, introducing a perceived "warmth" due to the heavier manipulation of the signal. This mode requires fine tuning of the Mix knob to dial in the desired amount of attack, clarity, and overall compression. 

Additional Info/Power:
-True Bypass
-Subtle noise gate to further reduce noise. 
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~70mA